There’s No Time Like Face Time: A 3-day Code Sprint with Boundless

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By: Hannah Bristol

There’s something about face-to-face interaction with co-workers that can’t be matched through an email, Slack message, or video chat. Although we thrive as a distributed company, the times the Boundless team can get together in-person are invaluable, and the right environment is key to making use of that time.

DevJam provided the Boundless team with a setting in which we were able to discuss, create, present, and enjoy one another’s company over the course of a three-day code sprint to enhance our geospatial technology offerings. Set in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood in South Minneapolis, DevJam sits above a favorite local coffee shop, Studio2.

The DevJam space was clean, inspiring, and fun (who doesn’t love a mini-fridge that looks like an amplifier?!). Most importantly, it was functional and provided us with everything we needed to accomplish our goals for the code sprint. Our needs for a collaborative space varied – with a group of 25, we needed a large space for presentations, several breakout rooms for smaller working groups, food and coffee (both were delicious, by the way), and an area to set up a photo shoot – all of which DevJam accommodated with ease. The collaboration was facilitated by the many whiteboard walls available and the ability to reconfigure tables as needed. It was also great to have a nice lounge area and kitchen to relax between sessions and chat with co-workers.

Presentations were held in the DevJam Main Room.

During our three days at DevJam, someone was always available to help with questions, stock up on coffee, and keep things organized. Mandy was flexible with our changing schedule and very helpful in coordinating prior to the event. This code sprint was the first Boundless meeting held in Minneapolis. Team members from out of town had a great first experience and made it clear they want to come back to work from DevJam – and they certainly will!

About Boundless Over the past 14 years, Boundless has set the standard in open source geospatial expertise. Our team is active in the open source geospatial community, gathering and sharing their deep understanding of GIS theories and concepts. We’re now expanding this expertise by introducing the first open GIS ecosystem, unlocking the value of location-based data for all. With our roots still firmly planted in the larger community, we’re looking ahead to a bright and Boundless future. Check out to learn more.

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