Product Agility 0.2.0

David Hussman Coaching, DevJam News

Product Agility 0.2.0It was nice to be in a room full of people sharing ideas and experience during the second Product Agility gathering. Where the first gathering addressed principles, or How We Think, this session was about practices, or How We Work. The evening was a mix of presentation, discussion and processing of the various practices outline on

Feedback from the evening was rich. There were many concrete ideas for improvements on the structure and language of Product Agility 0.2.0. Product communities and dynamic product teaming sparked rousing discussions. The idea of dynamic product leadership, that is better suited to addressing the need to be more responsive in product planning, was refreshing as compared to the more rigid and traditional product management hierarchies in play in many companies.

For me. Is was nice to hear that people saw an emphasis on helping non-product companies embrace a product approach. For brevity’s sake, let’s define non-product companies as eco-systems that tend to talk about IT and The Business instead of Products and Customers. More than a few people thanked me for not shutting the door on non-product eco-system and instead trying to find ways to help people in those systems move products, services, and customers into the foreground. This was more important to people who had been clubbed with the big S Scrum hammer, who were living in environments with an over emphasis on process (over product).

After being off line for many months, it was refreshing to interact with the great people who attend Practical Agility events. As part of our move towards more focus on a product approach, we are going to change the group name to Product Agility. Like a good code refactoring, the name change is mean to start different and richer conversation. We will still be talking about lean and agile ideas and practices, but we will be framing them around the value they provide to teams and communities bounder around learning more about how their products and services are better meeting customer needs.

If you have ideas of ways we can improve Product Agility, we appreciated any input. Send your ideas and thoughts to We are working in an open source like way to incorporate all ideas submitted. More info on Product Agility is available on the site: The slides from the session are here: Product Agility 0.2.0