Hitting the Product Groove with SPS Commerce

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Have you ever felt like you are finally getting the flywheel spinning, hitting a groove, checking things off the list and getting pretty good at delivery? Have you even then wondered, where are we going? Is our backlog just a glorified to-do list? Are we building the right thing? How would we know?

The SPS Commerce Agile Coaching team recently attended a two-day offsite at DevJam HQ to explore the emerging mindset of Product Agility. What is Product Agility? Their take – the art of being Effective over being Efficient. It’s about the evolution from Projects (big design up front) to Process (delivery methods) to Products (discovering and building the right thing).

The workshop helped broaden their view and deepen their understanding of product-centered principles.  While they have plenty of team experience with Framing, Story Mapping, and Customer Journeys, they spent time with DevJam lead, Anne Steiner, using these tools in new ways to carve out roadmaps with customer-centric features instead of just creating piles of stories.

From our friends at SPS Commerce: We did this all in their space.  DevJam has a great collaborative space that nicely accommodates small to medium size groups.  It was great to get away from the all the daily distractions and really spend time learning, ideating and challenging our assumptions – and who doesn’t like having a stocked fridge that looks like a guitar amplifier?! While we all might be in different spots in our agile journey, if we are willing, DevJam is challenging us out of our comfort zone again to move towards a product culture.