Innovations in User Experience

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As the field of UX (User Experience) expands its reach to CX (Customer Experience) and is inevitably impacted by EX (Employee Experience), it can be a struggle simply to sift through all of the acronyms being bandied about. During the August Jam Session, we’ll explore innovations in the user experience space, hear about what is working in the wild, and challenge traditional thinking.

Innovations in User Experience Talks

Systematic Innovations in the UX Domain

David Quimby, Principal at Virtual Coast

UX is about optimizing multiple variables for an ideal experience. Systematic innovation is about exploring / optimizing multiple attributes for an ideal or un-discovered product configuration. The natural intersection between systematic innovation and experience design is an un-exploited opportunity. In this session, we’ll gain a basic understanding of systematic innovation and its application in several UX contexts. We’ll also contemplate the further application of systematic innovation in our individual UX practices and the UX discipline at large.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Linda Saggau & Nancy O’Brien, Co-Founders of Experience Happiness

A core tenant of experience design is “you can’t give what you don’t have.” The unprecedented levels of stress and burnout in every industry are impacting people’s ability to adapt to change, recover from setbacks, and deliver exceptional experiences necessary for happy, loyal customers. The global happiness movement is here, and it’s influencing society as well as business, education, and economic policy, as well as employee and customer experience. Linda Saggau & Nancy O’Brien share how they help people and organizations thrive through happiness.

Bonus Talk

Sue Anderson, Director of Voice of Customer at PTC, joins us to discuss innovations in the CX space.

Below are links to this session’s presentations:

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Systematic Innovation in the UX Domain