Product Discovery & Product Delivery Public Training

Krista Trapani News

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening. We’re stoked to announce that we’ll be offering two public sessions of DevJam’s Product Discovery and Product Delivery course (Minneapolis & San Francisco)

This course is for anyone interested in learning to question and explore customers and products. It immerses students in hands on product discovery with lean UX practices and product design thinking.

Students select a product idea to explore and use it as a vehicle for the course. Starting with the formation of a product discovery team and proceeding through lean UX practices, students design a product with measurable impact. As part of the discovery process, students will use opportunity mapping, collaborative framing, pragmatic personas, story mapping, story splitting and simple, visual design ideas.

For people working with agile teams, this course will help build strong product backlogs with better stories as well as provide insights into continuous product discovery that feeds continuous product delivery.

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