Dojo Discovery Sprint

Krista Trapani DevJam News

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we saw an opportunity to improve our dojo experience for teams that want to test their product ideas (and their designs) before committing to building them. The Thomson Reuters Litigation Analytics team wanted to validate that their ideas (and their designs) resonated with customers before implementing them. After discussing options for how to do this with the team leadership, we decided to conduct a Discovery Sprint in the dojo before moving into software development.

Traditionally, one of the biggest goals of the dojo is to help teams become more effective by experimenting, learning, and adjusting their workflow practices while delivering their backlog. This mostly includes decomposing what they already have in their current backlog into work items deliverable within two days. Many teams find it challenging to break-down their work into two-day increments which is why we experiment with the concept in the first place. It also emphasizes increased cross-functional team member collaboration and light-weight workflow management practices. By doing this, team members work more closely together to focus more on the value their software is delivering than on the process overhead associated with delivering it.