Agile Day Twin Cities 2019

Krista Trapani Front Page News

Are we Measuring Up? Determining Value & Impact of Agile Endeavors

We are proud to present Agile Day Twin Cities 2019. We are planning a day packed with educational, thought-provoking and, dare we say, inspirational content for our region’s agile practitioners.

This year we’ll turn the spotlight on measuring the value and impact of what we do. For nearly two decades now, agilists have demonstrated sharp focus on constantly improving our craft, adopting methodologies, optimizing processes, introducing efficiencies and engendering innovation.

Heck, it sure feels like we are doing a lot, but how do we know if we’re really having an impact? How do we assess if we’re making enough of a difference to cause positive and lasting change? How do we know if the seeds being planted will flourish and grow long after we are gone? We’ll explore this theme through the lens of Coaching, Product Discovery, Tech/DevOps, and Business Agility. Through real-life examples, learn how we can maximize the value of our actions.

The Agile day is low on hype and high on real world, hands-on experience shared by Agile experts and practitioners alike, who will discuss challenges along with relevant and implementable solutions, lessons learned and best practices

As always – we encourage attendees to check dogmatic thinking at the door and come share new and fresh ideas in a safe, open-minded and diverse environment.

Great lineup of speakers to come!