The Company

DevJam is a collection of mentors, producers and builders. We create products in-house, as well as coaching others around improving their product learning through faster validation and delivery cycles. Our work is rooted in Lean UX, responsive engineering and continuous delivery that feeds consistent learning. Along with product development, we’ve helped companies of all sizes pragmatically adopt and adapt agile methods through courses and coaches who know how and when to blend product discovery and product delivery.

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The Band

Anne Steiner, Leader of the Band

Sarah Monzel, Producer

Brandon Huff, Tools Dude

Ryan Palmer, Talent Agent

Mandy Simpson, Juggler of All

Stephen Taylor, Producer

The Space

Nestled among the trees near the lakes of South Minneapolis, DevJam Studios is just above Studio 2 – a beloved neighborhood cafe, coffee shop and wine bar. We take what we learn, working locally and globally, to create a better ecosystem in our little corner of the world. We want DevJam Studios to be a place where local communities can gather to share ideas and leave with new options. We participate in a variety of activities including supporting local user groups, framing up odd gatherings, creating and organizing un-conferences and making a place for kids and adults to learn about the craft of producing great products. We are proud of our community building and are always looking for new and valuable ideas to support.

Location and Contact Information

DevJam Studios
address: 818 West 46th St. Minneapolis, MN 55419 / phone: 01.612.354.7493 / e-mail: / twitter: @devjams / linkedin: devjam