A Day in the Life: Thoughts Thought By an Agile Coach

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By: Sharon Peterson Misgen This month, DevJam Agile Coach Sharon Peterson Misgen provides a lucid and candid account of a day-in-the-life of an agile coach. From the initial meeting with the team (in this specific case – a team underwhelmed by previous attempts at agile), through the various implementation phases with their different ceremonies, processes, deliverables and challenges, all to …

Hitting the Product Groove with SPS Commerce

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Have you ever felt like you are finally getting the flywheel spinning, hitting a groove, checking things off the list and getting pretty good at delivery? Have you even then wondered, where are we going? Is our backlog just a glorified to-do list? Are we building the right thing? How would we know? The SPS Commerce Agile Coaching team recently …

Value over Process: Contextual Agility at Bluebeam

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Bluebeam is a rapidly growing Pasadena-based software company constantly looking to improve. The leaders at Bluebeam understand that while their teams are doing well with the mechanics of iterative development, their recent growth has led to challenges that lie outside the iterative delivery cadence. Jason Cepeda, Orientation Program Manager, was tasked with finding a partner to help Bluebeam take the …

The Uncertainty Movement

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I wonder if in many ways some of the process stuff gets a little bit too in the forefront, we lose sight that the idea is to figure out what we don’t know sooner. – David Hussman nfoQ recently posted an interview with David Hussman, where David speaks to how he’s seen the evolution of product thinking in software, and along that …

How to Write Small, Valuable Stories

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The Problem Chances are you’ve been there. You’re planning a sprint with your team and you know the stories are too big to be completed within the sprint. You propose a way of breaking the stories down, only to be told your breakdown is no good because each story no longer has business value or customer benefit. Worse yet, you’re …

From Progress to Product

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David Hussman speaks about the evolution of product thinking and what’s next. For more pragmatism from a UI/UX perspective check out Jeremy Kriegel and his short interview on why sketching can help get you to product agreement faster. From Agile Day Atlanta 2015. Interview by VersionOne.