Twin Cities Product Conf 2018

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Join us Monday, May 7th, at the Minnesota History Center, where we’ll be exploring the question: How Wrong Are You Willing To Be? For years, we struggled to GSD (get stuff done). This has changed in the recent past, and we are getting more done. Instead of worrying about progress, we need to start engaging more people in validating product …

Code Freeze 2018: Microservice Architectures

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Once again, we're teaming up with UMSEC to bring you Code Freeze, a one-day conference tailored to our software engineering community.  Join us Thursday, January 11th, for a day of keynotes, presentations, and conversations focused on microservice architectures. Head over to the Code Freeze 2018 site for more information on keynotes, breakout sessions, speakers, and schedule.     Register - Code ...

ADTC 2017 slides and videos are up!

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Thanks to all who attended this year’s Agile Day Twin Cities! It was a day full of fantastic presentations that sparked great conversations. All available slides and videos have been posted to the ADTC site. You can find links to the slides under each of the session descriptions.  

Agile Day Twin Cities 2017

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Riffing off the feedback from last year AntiFrAgile Day, sessions will focus on measurable impact supported by the pragmatic use of lightweight processes. The conference will be a dogma-free event, accelerating learning through story telling and intentional diversity. All conference profits will go to help people in Bolivia via Mano a Mano ( We’re looking for speakers for our local track. …

Agile Day Chicago 2017

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After five years, Agile Day Chicago is still growing and improving. This year we again lean toward an AntiFrAgile theme.  We’ve gathered international and national speakers to speak on complexity, product thinking, responsive engineering, and more. The morning sessions will once again spark lively open space discussions in the afternoon.  We are also proud to announce that all profits this …

ProdConf slides and videos are up!

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Thanks to those of you who attended ProductConf 2017 this year and contributed to its success! Click here to access all available speaker slides and recorded sessions (located under each speaker’s talk description).

David Hussman at Agile 2017

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David Hussman will be speaking at the Agile2017 conference in Orlando, FL. David’s Stalwarts session, “Product Ownership, Planning & Learning: Growing Product Oriented Teams & Companies“, is scheduled for Wednesday, August 9th, at 10:45 am. For more information, including the schedule and how to register, please visit the Agile Alliance site.

David Hussman at AgileDev West

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David will be speaking Friday, June 9th, at the Agile Leadership Summit during AgileDev West in Las Vegas. His talk, Impact over Progress: Learning from Evidence over Following the Process, is scheduled from 8:45-10:15. For more information, including David’s abstract and how to register, click here.

Anne Steiner at Music City Agile

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May 31st, Anne will be speaking at Music City Agile. Her talk will be: Building the Wrong Thing Faster: Two Delivery Successes That Led to Product Failure. For more information about this event, please click here.

Product Conf 2017

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Product Chemistry – Making the Connections May 8, 2017 @ Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, MN Elevated user demands, heightened technical complexity and the expectation of rapid delivery are pulling product teams in opposite directions. More and more, product leaders are forced to unify these interests in the name of getting something out the door. During this year’s Product Conference, …