Coaching and Leading Agility

What You Will Learn

This 2 day course is based on 10 years of coaching experience, guiding the adoption and adaption of agile methods in  large and small companies around the world. The material covers building community, working with people, teaching practices, fostering transparency, growing collaboration and more. The interactive course challenges participants to engage in one-on-one as well as group activities. The course has successfully established coaching (and coaches) in companies and projects of all sizes and shapes in countries around the world.

  • How to build agile communities and strong agile teams
  • Ideas for selecting agile practices that will quickly show value and grow agility
  • Tools for defining and fostering a common vision and product roadmap
  • What makes a work area collaborative and informative
  • How to lead effective planning sessions and guide iterative design and delivery
  • A collection of indicators and monitors useful in promoting sustainable agility

What We Will Cover

The first day covers coaching fundamentals and what we call Getting Ready to Produce (readiness interviews, practice and process selections and coaching plans). The second day covers Getting Productive (helping teams find a groove in the early iterations) and Staying Productive (addressing the many challenges and changes that happen as time passes and the importance of evolving and improving process to keep the spirit of agility alive and healthy as your community grows and changes over time.)

  • Day One
    • Coaching Fundamentals (knowing, teaching, listening and dialoging, challenging)
    • Getting Ready to Produce
      • Interviews, Inventory, Process Design and Coaching Plans
      • Product Design and Product Learning
      • Making creative and informative workspaces
  • Day Two
    • Getting Productive
      • Leading and teaching tools like chartering, story mapping, slicing products and roadmap planning
      • Coaching iterative delivery: fostering discussions, delivery and reflective learning.
      • Coaching indicators (augmenting strengths and finding problems sooner)
    • Staying Productive
      • Creating a product design cadence
      • Growing and adding practices
      • Continuous health measurement

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in leading or growing agility. Common participants include managers, Scrum masters, project leaders, and technical leaders.

Please note: Cancellations with less than 2 weeks prior notice will not be refunded.