Immersive and pragmatic, our courses and dojos focus on learning by doing.

Immersive Learning Dojos

Dojos are set up and run at client sites to help teams learn though an immersive experience.

DevOps and Product Coaching

DevJammers can set up and run your dojos on-site for various lengths depending on each client's needs.

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Product Ownership

For anyone curious about product learning, our courses are enveloping and practical.

Product and Customer Learning

Our two day product discovery course is aimed at product managers, product owners and anyone passionate about product with a company.

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Technology and Delivery

From test driven to continuous delivery, our technology courses are hands-on and challenging.

Deep Tech: From Test Driven to DevOps

We offer one and two day courses where students, within their companies, work through technology challenges based in a product context.

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Coaching and Leading

For new or experienced coaches, our courses engage students through situational learning.

The Best Learning Comes from Doing

One or two day courses put students in real world situations that address common coaching challenges within companies.

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David Hussman, Founder

DevOps Dojos

Beyond immersion courses, Dojos allow for collaborative team learning lead by DevJam coaches who provide hands-on guidance based on years of real world experience. Using a kata (challenge) that is meaningful to your company and/or product, teams collaboratively learn skills pertaining to product development, DevOps and continuous delivery or coaching.

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DevOps Dojo

The DevOps Dojo starts once a team has selected a kata they will use to create a collaborative ecosystem for learning. From there, the team uses a collection of tools from the DevOps space to create an automated “build, deploy and test” pipeline. This creates a robust technology ecosystem that allows for faster product and customer learning.

Product Dojo

The Product Dojo starts with each team selecting a product idea to explore. From there, the teams preform initial discovery before heading out to validate their idea with customer interviews, prototype learning and other lightweight validation tools. These are outside the production code and narrow product ideas to reduce needless complexity in the code and shorten the validation cycles in production.

Coaching Dojo

The Coaching Dojo must include teams to coach. One or more teams work side-by-side with an experienced DevJam coach to learn about ideas for addressing common coaching challenges. They also discover ideas unique to the company or a specific team. This dojo format fosters learning by doing. Coach a little, reflect a little, learn a little and repeat.

Product Courses

In some way, all of our courses present principles and practices that are product focused. The following are both introductory agile courses and various others that are more keenly focused on product discovery and product design.

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Anne Steiner, Lead Coach

Adopting and Adapting Agility

This course provides the purpose (why) and the skills (how) for pragmatically adopting agile methods. We use interactive experiences to teach collaborative teaming, continuous product discovery and iterative/continuous product delivery. Practices covered draw from Lean Thinking, Scrum, XP and more.
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Product Agility: Discovery and Delivery

Our immersive teaching format provides concrete experience rooted in your products and services. The course introduces agile values, principles and practices from Product Management, Lean UX, Lean Systems, Scrum, and XP.
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Scaling Product Agility

Learn how to scale validated delivery around your product, not your process. You’ll learn cross-team discovery, delivery and collaboration taught in a product-oriented style. Practices discussed will be framed within, across and outside teams.

David Hussman, Founder

Technology Courses

Responsive engineering includes all of our courses that teach the skills and responsibility needed to produce robust, anti-fragile technology solutions. From Test Driven and Refactoring to Product Driven DevOps, all of the teaching is done by practitioners who understand the importance of quickly moving from “Hello World” to “Hello Reality.”

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Responsive Engineering

Responsive Engineering will show you how to combine agile engineering practices with product thinking so that the evolutionary design of your system is always aligned with the needs of your product. In this course, you will learn and work through hands-on exercises to develop these four engineering skills: Product Thinking Based System Architecture, Evolutionary Design, Continuous Product Learning and Refactoring Legacy Code.
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Product Driven DevOps

This 2-day, hands-on course teaches students how to apply DevOps practices in the context of product delivery. We start with a simple product in a developer’s hands and continually look at what is needed to run this product up to eventually being in the hands of our target. Along the way, we need to ensure items such as building, dependency management, environment creation and configuration, as well as monitoring, are consistent and duplicable.

Coaching Product Agility

This 2-day course is based on 10 years of coaching experience which guides the adoption and adaption of agile methods in large and small companies around the world. The material covers building community, working with people, teaching practices, fostering transparency, growing collaboration and more. The interactive course challenges participants to engage in one-on-one, as well as group, activities. This course has successfully established coaching (and coaches) in companies and projects of all sizes and domains in countries around the world.
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Dion Stewart, Lead Coach