Kotlin: A JVM Language You Should Know

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Our September 6th Jam Session will focus on Kotlin, the JVM language that has recently overtaken Groovy on the TIOBE language popularity index. DevJammer, Tom Wadzinski has been following Kotlin for several years and has created Spring Boot and Android applications using Kotlin. Tom will be giving a fast-paced talk on Kotlin with live code examples. He will demonstrate the productivity and code quality benefits of the language as well as the trade offs and how Kotlin compares to other languages such as Java, Groovy and Scala.


The Logistics:

5:30-6:00 pm Food, Drink, and Socialize

6:00-8:00 pm Tom Wadzinkski Presentation, Live Coding, and Questions

The Location:

All Jam Sessions will take place in the basement of DevJam @ 818 West 46th St., Mpls MN 55419. You may park in the lot located on Bryant Ave and enter through the west side door or via Studio 2 Cafe (directions downstairs will be clearly marked).

If you have questions about the Jam Session, feel free to email us at events@devjam.com or call 612-354-7493.