ChChChChChanges: The cPrime Purchase and More

David Hussman DevJam News, News

As you may or may not now know, I recently sold DevJam to cPrime. I’m staying with DevJam for the near term, but I’m stepping back from leading the day to day work so I can focus on publishing thoughts and ideas that have been banging around in my head for awhile.

I’ll be working in Mpls but available for coaching and teaching, and speaking gigs. Feel free to contact me anytime. Going forward, you’ll be hearing from Anne Steiner as she reaches out the DevJam community in her new leadership role at DevJam.

I am proud to see what DevJam has become over the years. In the early years, DevJam was a presence that followed behind me. Today, DevJam is a vehicle for change. It’s now steered by many people working together on the many services we offer: contractors, coaching, courses and product development. Our Jam Sessions are full up with geeks hashing and hacking on technical ideas and experiences that run the DevOps gambit. Our local unconferences, like AntiFrAgileDayTwinCities, and our Practical Agility sessions bring people together to have rich and meaningful discussions about doing more and learning more with less (process).

It’s nice to know that I can step back and trust that the in-house DevJammers are ready to field needs around contractors, coaching and courses without my help. I plan to use my new found time to publish more, cook up new ventures, and start more unconferences like Product Conf

For those who are curious about my health, I am doing well and finding a healthy blend of family first and working life second. I am speaking, teaching, coaching, and spending wonderful amounts time with my family, especially enjoying working on maker projects with my youngest daughter while she still thinks I am interesting. She is 14, but I still have her under my benevolent spells.

If you have any questions about the merger, my role at DevJam, or if you simply want to chew on a topic with me, please feel free to email me directly.